Facebook Timeline – finally here!


The Facebook Timeline is finally unrolling for everyone to enjoy – or not enjoy as the case may be. If you’re looking for some help setting up your timeline and learning about the new interface, you’ve come to right spot.

A few months ago, I did a three-part series introducing the timeline, subscriptions, and apps. Here are links to those posts:

Part 1: Introduction to the new timeline layout
This post goes into detail about the new look and feel of the timeline. Remember, you get a chance to go through all your posts and delete, or change privacy settings before publishing your new timeline. This is an important step towards making sure your timeline is just how you want it to be for the public and for your friends.

Part 2: Subscriptions
These have been around for a while now, so you should be very familiar with them. Be aware that when you de-friend someone, they automatically become one of your subscribers, so make sure your subscription settings are set up the way you’d like them to be.

Part 3: Entertainment zone & open graph apps
Some of the new open graphs applications are pretty cool. Others think they’re a bit creepy.

For a more visual and easier presentation about the new Facebook Timeline check out my Slideshow about the new Facebook timeline. This gets a little more into detail about the implications of this new timeline for brands.

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