Northeastern CPS

What started as a few Facebook ads for Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies became something so much bigger. Northeastern CPS’ entire strategy depends on lead generation. So in addition to advertising in targeted verticals, we recommended using some newer tools to generate leads and hyper target based on the individual programs. In order to do so, we created best practice document after document. We made a case to go paid social. And it “paid” off!

Because each program is different, we strategized various ways to engage with them, including creating unique content in the form of blogs, videos and offers. our goal was more than to generate leads, it was to move them along a marketing funnel – engage with them, get them to apply, and direct users to Northeastern’s website. To do this we provided recommendations around the types of content their digital team should create and we leveraged Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube ads to not only gather email addresses, but also to create an ongoing relationship with them. This also included a retargeting program via Facebook and Twitter ad units and direct integration with Northeastern CPS’ CRM, Marketo.

Not only did I develop the target audiences, the content strategy and the timing, I also created all of the content (along with an amazing creative team), implemented, optimized on a daily basis and reported out on it. This was all completely new to my agency, and we all embraced the process. Why? Results! These channels were delivering some of the lowest Cost Per Lead numbers that the portfolio programs had established thus far.

Facebook Link Ads
We found that Facebook’s Link ads generally generated the most clicks to the website, and with this product, Northeastern only paid when a user went through to its specific landing page. The challenge here? Character count. You only get 90 characters to convince users to click. Boy did we ever…


Facebook Image Ads
Though the link ads generated more clicks through to the landing page, Facebook’s image ads performed the best in terms of social sharing and via mobile devices. We also found that there were specific target audiences that received this type of ad the best – graphic designers and undergrads.


Twitter Lead Gen Cards
In addition to regular tweets, we used Twitter’s Website and Lead Gen Cards to secure email addresses. I also recommended a retargeting strategy using paid social, with more direct response type messaging, which you’ll see below.

Success – Not only did we generate a record number of leads with lower Cost Per leads than other verticals, but we also increased engagement rates across all of Northeastern’s social channels. Increasing not only their follower base (for continued engagement), but relevant followers who are likely to engage down the line.

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